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beldiplom.by » контрольная по праву - ASSIGNMENT
контрольная по праву - ASSIGNMENT
Контрольная. 2011 . ЕГУ – Литва. Право. Уникальность на Антиплагиат.ру. составила 98%

Выполнена на англ.яз.

Protection of human rights in the Republic of Belarus
National mechanism

Case Description:
You are a journalist and have been conducting some private investigation concerning the imprisonment of a specific person. You published a story in a national magazine that made some high ranking officials angry. The next day a group of unidentified people broke into your home and took you away. They also confiscated your laptop and data storing devices. You were beaten and threatened and locked up in a room alone. No one knows where you are. No one has offered to do anything. You have been there for months.
Your Task:
1)    The journalist has been deprived of a number of the basic rights. Using the Universal Declaration, work out specifically which ones. Explain.
2)    Find out what can be done under
a) local law in cases like this
b) through local branches of international human rights organizations (choose either a specific country where the situation could take place or apply general rules based on the structure of the human rights organizations)
c) the United Nations Human Rights protection body.

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